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Four star tourism

City of Art and History, between the land and the sea. Quimper, the economic and touristic capital of Cornouaille, and its suburbs constitute a privileged destination in the heart of a dynamic and attractive Brittany.

Between tradition and modernity. From the medieval town to its many shops and the famous stoneware factory now using technological innovations, Quimper Cornouaille is a rich land with an exceptional heritage in a natural setting.

This is evidenced by the Saint-Corentin Cathedral, the ramparts, the Odet docks, Locmaria district, the town of Locronan, the headlands of Pointe du Raz and Pointe de la Torche, the Glénan archipelago and the beaches of the Bigouden country.

The principal Breton destination for camping and caravanning, Quimper Cornouaille is a true powerhouse, with approximately 3,500 workers and 450 million € of direct economic benefits per year.

Developing business tourism

Quimper has the engineering and infrastructure to create the best conditions for professional engagements through the platform of the semi-public company Quimper Évènements (Quimper Events).

The Quimper Cornouaille Exhibition Centre, recently renovated and expanded, is the ideal place for all events (exhibitions, concerts, shows, sporting events...). Many configurations are possible in this multifunctional complex with two halls (the Pavilion and the Artimon) and more than 8,000 m2 of covered areas.

In addition the Chapeau Rouge conference centre will be opening in 2016 and will provide an exceptional space (about 2,000m2) in the historic pedestrian part of town. Conferences, seminars, symposiums, meetings, business dinners, entertainment and receptions, the fully privatized conference centre will fulfil many different functions.

You wish to hold an event? You wish to meet business tourism professionals in Cornouaille (hotels, transportation, restaurants...)? Use the turnkey services of the Bureau of Congress (run by the Quimper Évènements team) ?:

  • Accompanied location scouting
  • Management of inscriptions and governances
  • Management of hotel reservations
  • Transport reservations
  • Restaurants
  • Management of your extra-curricular activities to discover Quimper and the Cornouaille region

Quimper Évènements - 32 bis rue Stang Vihan, 29000 Quimper - Tel. 02 98 52 00 16 - contact@quimper-evenements.fr - www.quimper-evenements.fr

The Quimper Cornouaille tourist office

The Quimper Cornouaille tourist office The Quimper Cornouaille tourist office

The Quimper Cornouaille tourist office receives between 160,000 and 200,000 visitors each year, placing it 3rd in Brittany, behind Saint-Malo and Rennes. It is well known for its quality of service: the agency was awarded a category 1 classification for "Quality Tourism" by the national federation of tourist offices and initiative syndicates. This honour shows a commitment to high quality.

Its primary missions are reception, information, promotion of the area and the coordination of local participants in the tourism industry. Dozens of brochures (accommodation, excursions, and things to discover...) as well as a complete web site are available to holidaymakers.

The structure provides numerous services:

  • strong festive and cultural programmes
  • poster sales,
  • tours of Quimper with accredited guides (in conjunction with the town's heritage centre)
  • organisation of conferences and seminars, coach trips,
  • ticket sales for events or sea trips
  • hotel reservations
  • responsive services (turnkey holidays for groups or individuals), the Quimper Pass (with the heritage service)…
  • monitoring and control of furnished accommodations and bed and breakfasts,
  • monitoring of tourism (analysing the needs of visitors and providing solutions).

Very early on it switched to digital technology, which has changed the face of tourism: the word "Quimper" is Googled a million times per year! In response, the agency has an interactive site and has set up a mobile site for smart phones, providing interactive information about the city: www.quimper.mobi

Find restaurants serving until 22 h 30, available hotels, the new movie... and a popular game application, 'the mysteries of Quimper" ; an educational game with twenty-nine puzzles for IPhone and IPad. The Agency is also very active on social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Flickr.

Office de Tourisme de Quimper Cornouaille, 8, rue Élie Fréron - 29000 Quimper - www.quimper-tourisme.com - www.quimper.mobi - Tel. 02 98 53 04 05

Quimper Cornouaille, the best of Brittany

Quimper Cornouaille, the best of Brittany Quimper Cornouaille, the best of Brittany

Quimper Cornouaille is classified as a “Tourist Destination” by the region of Brittany. Beautiful Cornouaille is the main tourist area in Finistère and a Mecca of tourism in Brittany. Its choice of accommodation is rich and diversified (hotels, campsites, holiday villages, hostels, furnished accommodation, bed and breakfast etc.) and focuses mostly on the coastline, but there are also many appealing features inland.

Among the main destinations in Brittany in terms of overnight stays and capacity, Cornouaille also welcomes a large amount of trade visitors, especially at the camping and caravan sites and in rental cottages. Cornouaille is appreciated by visitors for its maritime activities, festivals, artistic creativity and gastronomy. Tourists venture out to explore the area, more than they do elsewhere, discovering landmarks such as the Grand Site de France at the Pointe du Raz, the Cap Sizun, Quimper and Concarneau - the "Cities of Art and History", L'ile de Sein, the Glénan archipelago, Pont Aven, the charming towns of Locronan and Pont-Croix, the town of Quimperlé etc.

Quimper Cornouaille, an exceptional destination…

  • The primary destination for camping and caravanning in Brittany
  • 56% of the capacity of Finistère, 17% of the Breton capacity
  • 233,100 tourist beds
  • 16 million estimated overnight stays
  • More 5 000 events and festivals annually (including the Festival de Cornouaille, held in late July for the past 90 years)
  • 330 km of coastline and 122 structures for nautical pursuits
  • coastal paths from Crozon to Pouldu, with 800km of mountain bike and equestrian trails

…at the heart of beautiful Brittany

  • the 4th tourist destination in France

  • the primary region for marine activities
  • 9 million visitors per year
  • 92 million overnight stays
  • 66,000 annual jobs, rising to almost 75 000 in the summer season (8% of the Breton gross domestic product)

The Economic Department informs and assists

Hôtel de Ville et d'Agglomération

44, place Saint-Corentin - CS 26004 - 29107 Quimper cedex

Director: Laurent Bruchon - Secretary: tel. 02 98 98 87 83 - economie@quimper.bzh