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Business parks

Quimper Bretagne Occidentale has 14 business parks spread out over the metropolitan area. They aid the conglomerate in attracting new businesses to the area, and ensure development and solutions for those businesses already present.

The parks represent approximately 40 hectares of immediately available space, responding to the specific needs of each sector of activity (size, location, networks, services) and all types of projects; industrial, tertiary, artisanal or logistic. The individual land plots vary in size from 1,000 to 100,000 m².

To keep the area competitive and versatile, Quimper Bretagne Occidentale invests several hundred thousand Euros each year in the creation of new business parks, representing an important financial initiative for the metropolitan area.

Quimper Bretagne Occidentale commercialises an average of 8 hectares of land each year.

The 21 Business Parks

  • Cuzon business park (Quimper)
  • Grand Guelen business park (Quimper)
  • Kerlic business park (Quimper)
  • Kerdroniou business park (Quimper)
  • Kerjaouen business park (Quimper)
  • Menez Prat business park (Quimper)
  • Moulin des Landes business park (Quimper)
  • Moulin du Loc’h business park (Quimper)
  • Kerourvois business park (Ergué-Gabéric)
  • Pen Carn business park (Ergué-Gabéric)
  • Quillihuec business park (Ergué-Gabéric)
  • Bel Air business park (Pluguffan)
  • Ti Lipig business park (Pluguffan)
  • Bouteffelec business park (Plogonnec)
  • Penhoat Braz business park (Plomelin)
  • Kerbernez business park (Plomelin)
  • Kergaben business park (Plonéis)
  • La Base business park (Guengat)
  • Pays-Bas business park (Briec)
  • Lumunoc'h business park (Briec)
  • Langelin business park (Edern)
  • Kerdalaë business park (Landrévarzec)

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