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Businesses in the Area

Businesses that have chosen Cornouaille and conglomeration:

Agri-food Businesses

Agri-food Businesses Agri-food Businesses

  • Cafés Coïc – coffee roasting
  • Germicopa – creation of new potato varieties
  • Entremont – production of dairy products.
  • Lampaulaise de salaison (groupe Turenne Lafayette) delicatessan products
  • Meralliance (groupe Thaï Union Frozen, Thaïlande) – production of smoked fish
  • Père Dodu (groupe Doux) – manufacture of chicken based ready meals
  • Saupiquet (groupe Bolton, Italie) – manufacture of canned fish products

Equipment and services for the food industry

Equipment and services for the food industry Equipment and services for the food industry

  • Capic – design and manufacture of professional cooking and distribution equipment for the food-processing industry
  • Hema Sidel (groupe Barry Wehmiller, US) – design and construction of machinery for the filling of products and liquids
  • Krampouz – design and manufacture of crêpe pans, waffle irons, planchas and grills for professionals and private individuals
  • Labexia (groupe Carso) – analysis laboratory, specialising in the field of food-processing
  • Labocéa – laboratory for analysis and health controls
  • Lima – construction of machines for mechanically separating meat


Digital Digital

  • Appnexus (US) – platform for real-time advertising bids
  • Cimut – IT centre for mutual insurance companies
  • Interface Concept – design and manufacture of embedded systems for civil and military applications
  • Lacroix Electronics – design and manufacture of electronic functions for their customers' products
  • Mitel (US) – product supply and communication solutions for companies

Energies of the future

Energies of the future Energies of the future

  • Blue Solutions (groupe Bolloré) – design and manufacture of batteries for electric vehicles
  • Sabella – design of marine turbines for the production of electricity

Numerous state-of-the-art companies

Numerous state-of-the-art companies Numerous state-of-the-art companies

  • Armor-Lux – production and marketing of ready-to-wear clothing
  • Axon Mechatronics – design and manufacture of connectors, electrical circuits, subset mecatronics.
  • Bolloré division Films (Bolloré group, plastic film division) - production of plastic film
  • Cadiou Industrie – design and manufacture of gates and fencing
  • CMA – construction of equipment for the pharmaceutical industry
  • Cristec (Enag group) – design and development of standard equipment for the conversion of energy
  • Cummins Filtration – manufacture and distribution of engine filtration systems
  • Enag – design and fabrication of products intended for the conversion of static and dynamic energy
  • Génération (Verlingue group) – management of health and welfare for personal insurance
  • Ufast – shipyard
  • Verlingue –insurance brokers specialising in company protection
  • Yslab – research laboratory, development and manufacture of medical apparatus stemming from marine assets with potentially important health benefits

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