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Business Incubators

Quimper Bretagne Occidentale has two business incubators at Creac'h Gwen:

  • a versatile business incubator
  • an innovation incubator

Their aim is to attract new skills and experience by helping with the creation of innovative companies. They provide affordable rents, communal services and support.

The basic incubator was the first business incubator in Brittany and one of the first in France. Over 150 companies have established themselves in the area since it was created in 1991.

In order to retain its lead in the assistance of project leaders and the support of creative projects linked to the Breton centres of competitiveness (food processing, the sea, image and networks), Quimper Bretagne Occidentale launched a second business incubator, unique in Brittany, for creative projects and for existing companies wishing to test industrial processes. 30 companies were welcomed into the Quimper Bretagne Occidentale incubators in 2015.

A versatile business incubator

Different types of installations are available:

  • 4 workshops (average area: 157 m²), including an office and wash-room
  • 18 offices
  • 2 relaxation areas

Including communal services:

  • cafeteria
  • conference room
  • reception and secretarial services

An innovation incubator

An innovation incubator An innovation incubator

  • food industry and biotechnology
  • information technology
  • sustainable development and the environment
  • new packaging techniques
  • emerging maritime related activities...

It provides premises that are technical, adapted and flexible:

  • 2 production workshops of agri-food standards with 370 m² of space ; comprising offices, laboratories, locker rooms and a 150 m² production hall
  • 4 x 30 m² laboratories
  • 20 offices
  • 2 conference rooms
  • a relaxation area

The food production plants are extremely well equipped with positive/negative cold rooms and a loading dock...

Modern, functional and pleasant, the innovation incubator is appreciated by its occupants. The offices are bright and well soundproofed and there is a handy key card system for entry.

Communal services

Including the provision of essential items for running an efficient business

  • photocopier, scanner, fax
  • office equipment : paper shredder, ring binders, multi-purpose cutter, laminator...
  • a mail franking machine
  • three fully equipped meeting rooms

Business support

The incubator team create a synergy between their occupants, avoiding isolation which could be harmful to the creative process . Personalised support is provided by Quimper Bretagne Occidentale in partnership with the Quimper Cornouaille CCI (Chamber of Commerce and Industry).

All areas of corporate life are discussed:

  • Evaluation of projects
  • Training courses ("professional insurance", "what is industrial property?", "evaluate the effectiveness of your website", "keys to improve your cash flow"...)
  • Informal weekly breakfasts to encourage communication between the resident businesses
  • A web site dedicated to the incubator's entrepreneurs: www.pepiniere-entreprises-quimper.fr (business-incubator-quimper website)
  • Subscriptions to various magazines and specialist periodicals.

A complete package for businesses

Established at the Creac'h Gwen site, the incubators benefit from an exceptional environment in the heart of Cornouaille.

In the immediate vicinity are local organisations that support the entrepreneurs:

Not forgetting:

The location of the site is strategic for:

  • rapid access to the intersection linking Brest and Lorient
  • good access to public transport;
  • immediate proximity to the city centre, the train station (5 minutes) and the airport (15 minutes).
  • the presence of many services, a diverse network of shops and options for accommodation

And its exceptional natural setting (on the banks of the Odet with many sports and leisure activities available...).

The Economic Department informs and assists

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Director: Laurent Bruchon - Secretary: tel. 02 98 98 87 83 - economie@quimper.bzh