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Support for Economic Integration

Quimper Bretagne Occidentale assists organisations that help with the creation of companies, economic integration and entrepreneurial culture. It provides financial support in the form of subsidies.

L’Adie (Association for the right to economic initative)

The ADIE provides community loans and assists people wishing to expand or create their businesses.

It is aimed at people in difficulty, on the sidelines of the labour market (beneficiaries of minimum social benefits or in unsecure employment...) It provides financing in the form of micro credits (to buy equipment necessary for the start-up of a micro-activity) as well as interest free loans, free coaching services and micro insurance.

In 2014 the association funded the creation or expansion of 30 businesses in the Quimper Bretagne Occidentale sector.

Business Centre - 4 rue de Kerogan - 29000 Quimper - Tel. 0800 800 566 (reserved for project managers, free from a landline). By appointment only.


Active Brittany

The aim of this association is to promote the financing of small businesses creating employment for people in financial or relational difficulties, or in situations of social and professional exclusion.

These businesses can be:

  • companies created (or acquired) by job seekers, or beneficiaries of minimum social benefits,
  • any structure with sound business logic that joins the social economy
  • structures for integration
  • companies that create jobs and commit to reserving a part of their workforce for people in difficulty.

Business Centre - 4 rue de Kerogan - 29000 Quimper - Tel. 02 98 64 74 77 - www.bretagneactive.org

La boutique de gestion (Boutique management)

Accompanying the creators of new businesses from the project’s inception through to evaluation (two years after creation). Established in the department since 1997, Finistère Boutique Management is part of the National Boutique Management network, the largest independent network supporting business creation in France..

The role of boutique management is to transmit knowledge, resources, relationships and addresses to aid project leaders achieve success, including those who change direction mid-project.

Business Centre - 4 rue de Kerogan - 29000 Quimper - Tel. 02 98 46 24 14- www.bg-finistere.com

Cornouaille Initiative

Cornouaille Initiative is an association created in 2000 by the participants in business creation for the Cornouaille region. It includes local authorities, businesses, banks, economic and other socio-economic players from the area.

The platform for local initiative, Cornouaille Initiative provides interest free loans to creators or buyers of companies so that they can complete the financing of their project and strengthen the company's capital assets.

The intervention fund is provided by public entities (from the communes of Cornouaille, the Departmental Council, the Regional Council, the deposits office and the State), but also by private companies. The Fund is self-sustaining once participants pay their dues.

145 Avenue de Keradennec - 29330 Quimper cedex - Tel. 02 98 98 29 16


The consortium of employers for insertion and qualification in the construction industry (GEIQ)

This group of employers organises courses in insertion and qualification for the benefit of job seekers facing difficulties in finding employment: young and unskilled, long-term unemployed, beneficiaries of minimum social benefits.

The GEIQ for building and public works was created on the initiative of building trade professionals with the help of Quimper Bretagne Occidentale. It is currently controlled and managed by the employers who form the group. To recruit its employees it mobilises all relevant local participants: PLIE, Mission locale, groups, social services...

1, route de Gouesnac'h - 29170 Pleuven - Tel. 02 98 54 65 48 - www.geiqbtp.fr


The aim of the Cadr’action group is to help executives, graduates or existing staff find new jobs. This is a local branch of the association and provides a platform for executives seeking employment.


Cooperative for activities and employment in Finistère (CAE29)

Chrysalide, the cooperative for activities and employment, was created in Pont l'Abbé in late 2002. The ‘activities' cooperative is the space provided to the project managers to verify the feasibility of an activity and develop it while holding the status of a salaried contractor. The "employment" cooperative is the perpetuation of the contractor's activity. The job is created within the SCOP (Cooperative Society for Production Workers)

The salaried contractors are fiscally and legally hosted within the cooperative, their accountancy is taken care of and they benefit from individual and collective support during the development of their project. In return they contribute to the operation by paying 10% of their turnover to the cooperative.

The cooperative is composed of 115 very varied activities.

The CAE29 are made up of four specialist cooperatives:

  • Chrysalide, provision of services to individuals and businesses or production and trading activities
  • Penn Ar Bat, building trades
  • Artenréel, professions in the fields of visual and graphic arts, design, audiovisual, publishing, performing arts
  • Coop Domi Ouest, providing services to individuals

For the most part the salaried contractors from Chrysalide do not own their business premises and work either from home, or on construction sites. Ten of these contractors decided to unite for the purpose of renting premises in order to have a real, professional workspace. On their behalf Chrysalide obtained a 306 m² space in the former factory of the Enag Company, rue Pierre Mendes France. Quimper Bretagne Occidentale also contributed to the financing of the installation.

51 rue Jeanne d’Arc - 29000 Quimper - Tel. 02 98 66 09 99 - www.chrysalide.coop

Entreprendre au Féminin Bretagne (Enterprising Women in Brittany)

Entreprendre au féminin Bretagne guides and trains women in business creation projects, pooling experience and skills through a network of women entrepreneurs and promoting an entrepreneurial culture.

Quimper Bretagne Occidentale provides a subsidy and on an occasional basis an office at the Creac'h Gwen incubator is placed at their disposal, free of charge.



Created in 2000 at the initiative of the Cornouaille Business Club, Cornoualia is a consortium of employers under the non profit association law of 1901, whose activity is the provision of staff to its members. The Cornoualia consortium is based in Quimper and Quimperlé.

The role of Cornoualia is to bring together the seasonal or part-time needs of two or three companies in order to create a choice of part time or full time permanent positions.

Any company can join Cornoualia, regardless of its size or sector of activity.


Support for learning

The subsidy awarded by Quimper Bretagne Occidentale for the fiscal year 2014 was for €2,576, representing 46€ /per student at the building apprentice training centre (AFOBAT) and €460 for the organisation of the exhibition «un des meilleurs ouvriers de France» ("one of the best workers in France")

The Economic Department informs and assists

Hôtel de Ville et d'Agglomération

44, place Saint-Corentin - CS 26004 - 29107 Quimper cedex

Director: Laurent Bruchon - Secretary: tel. 02 98 98 87 83 - economie@quimper.bzh