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Start-up Buildings and Business Centres

Quimper Bretagne Occidentale helps companies to establish themselves and achieve long term growth in the area. Promoting employment and economic development is a priority.

The conglomeration has 8000 m² of premises spread out over the different business centres, technology centre, laboratories, factories and workshops.

Some 30 companies occupy the various buildings.

These buildings house companies of varied size and profiles:

  • industrial companies in the Guélen factory and at the Port of Corniguel
  • craft businesses in the Kergonan workshops
  • tertiary companies in the business centres
  • · biotechnology companies or agri-food in laboratories and the Adria technology centre.

Business Centres

  • The Creac h Gwen business centre has a total surface area of 2,100 m² and includes a collective of groups dedicated to business creation and acquisition. Part of the ground floor has been set up to accommodate three associations involved in the creation of companies ADIE, Bretagne Active et la Boutique de gestion. (ADIE, Active Brittany and the Management Boutique)
  • The business centre at Locmaria plays host to the école de broderie de Pascal Jaouen. (Pascal Jaouen embroidery school)

Start-up buildings

  • The Guélen factory, rue Albert Stéphan, 2 000 m²
  • The Kergonan workshop, rue Fanch Begot, 1 000 m²
  • The Port of Corniguel workshop, 2 100 m²
  • The Kerbernez workshop, 700 m²

The Economic Department informs and assists

Hôtel de Ville et d'Agglomération

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Director: Laurent Bruchon - Secretary: tel. 02 98 98 87 83 - economie@quimper.bzh