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L'École de Management Bretagne Atlantique (Emba) (Bretagne Atlantic Management School)

The Emba provides graduate training in international trade, management and distribution.

  • The Emba of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry for Quimper Cornouaille (CCI) consists of three centres of higher education:
  • the European-Asian international trade centre
  • the management and business administration centre
  • the trade-distribution centre

Each year the Emba accepts close to 200 trainees, both as students and as employees.

International Trade centre: five year programme with initial training provided

  • Validation of Bac + 3: BBA in Europe - Asia International Business (3 year course)
  • Validation of Bac + 4 with double degree (4 year course)
    • State recognised degree «Chargé d'affaires Europe-Asia»
    • University degree in ' European-Asian international trade ', in partnership with the IAE - UBO of Brest
  • Validation of Bac + 5 : MBA in European Asian International Business affairs (5 year course)

Management and Business Administration centre: diploma courses offered in training for company employees, job seekers and individuals

  • State recognised degree Bac + 3 'entrepreneurial developer of SMEs' run by the Breton Managers' School
  • Management degree in partnership with IAE - UBO of Brest.
  • Master 2 MAE, proposed in partnership with IAE - UBO of Brest

Trade and Distribution centre: training courses in work/study training or work placement schemes

  • State recognised degree Bac + 2 (2 year course) in « Commercial Representation », "unit management in textile and clothing".
  • Specialised commercial sports management
  • State recognised degree Bac +3 (3 year course) « Head distribution manager »

École de management Bretagne Atlantique (Bretagne Atlantic Management School)

1, avenue de la plage des Gueux - Creac’h Gwen
29000 Quimper - Tel. 02 98 10 16 16 - Fax 02 98 10 16 00 - administration@isuga.fr