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IUT - University Institute of Technology

Established in Quimper 40 years ago and working in close association with local and regional economies, the campus comprises 1,400 students spread out over many sections and specialities, in particular the food industry.

The restaurant and the university lodgings, entirely renovated, are close by. The dynamic life of a student life thrives upon numerous activities and more than 40 sporting activities are on offer each year..


2 rue de l’Université - 29 334 Quimper cedex - Tel. 02 98 90 02 27 - scolarite.iutquimper@univ-brest.fr - Bus route 5

Diplôme universitaire de technologie (DUT)

(University of Technology Diploma)

  • DUT marketing techniques (possiblity of apprentice training)
  • DUT logistics and transport management
  • DUT logistics and transport management special work/study programme (one year)
  • DUT management of businesses and administration (options in finance, accountancy, small to medium size organisations and human resources)
  • DUT Biological engineering (biological and biochemical analyses or the organic food industry)

Professional degrees

All the courses are available as work/study programmes, within the framework of work place training and also with the VAE (work experience certificate)

  • Attaché for international business development
  • Marketing of financial services and products
  • Crop protection and sustainable development, in conjunction with the school of Kerbernez in Plomelin
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Management of the structures of the social economy, administration of associations
  • Personnel and payroll management
  • Aquaval: valorisation of products of aqua-cultural origin
  • Health foods
  • Food sector logistics
  • Production management in the food industry
  • Industrial risk management

DUETI - Diplôme Universitaire d’Études Technologiques Internationales (University of International Technological Studies Degree)