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Swimming Pools

Quimper's swimming pools are run by Quimper Bretagne Occidentale.

Aquarive, situated at Creac’h Gwen, on the banks of the Odet, offers recreational fixtures and a sports pool, providing relaxation and recreation for all the family.

Kerlan Vian is mainly dedicated to those learning to swim and is aimed at schools, but also for children and adults at the swimming school. Various aquatic activities are proposed by numerous associations.

Aquarive swimming pool

Aquarive swimming pool Aquarive swimming pool

Nestled on the banks of the Odet at Creac'h Gwen, the Aquarive swimming pool has a 25m sports pool with 5 water lanes at a temperature of 29°, a wave pool, a 60m long/8m high water slide, and also a recreational space with a pool and games for children. Aquarive also offers a spa area with solarium, Jacuzzi, hammam, saunas, and massothermie (massage and heat) to aid with relaxation.

A weekly evening session permits swimming or relaxation until 10pm

Aquatic Activities

Aquarive offers many aquatic activities for all ages and all fitness levels:

  • Future mothers: helping future mothers to relax and tone up throughout their pregnancy.
  • Aqua-babies: to accustom very small children to the water, sharing super moments with their parents.
  • Aqua-discovery: for children under 6 years old
  • Ados party: festive evenings for adolescents from 11 to 15 years old, held on the eve of school holidays.
  • Aquagym : to work all your muscles without feeling the pain
  • Aquabike: aquatic bikes that help slim and tone the body, group classes or solo rental.
  • Aquaphobie: for adults who wish to gently overcome their fear of water.
  • Aquatonic: intensive aquagym sessions combining swimming and jogging.
  • Circuit training athletic sessions combining the benefits of aquagym and aquabike

Classes are held weekly. No classes during the school holidays or on public holidays. A medical certificate is required.


159 boulevard de Creac’h Gwen - Tel. 02 98 52 00 15 - aquarive@quimper.bzh

Bus route 1 / Kéradennec - bus stop Aquarive (Sundays route A)

Kerlan Vian swimming pool

Kerlan Vian swimming pool Kerlan Vian swimming pool

The Kerlan Vian swimming pool has a 25m by 15m pool with 6 water lanes and a small pool where children can safely play and learn to swim. . As with Aquarive the fixtures and equipment are accessible to people with reduced mobility.

The Quimper Bretagne Occidentale swimming instructors offer swimming classes to adults and children of school age. Courses start throughout the year. From learning to perfecting, the lessons are adapted to each person's level. Swimming tests are required prior to inscription in order to assess the swimmer's level.

Kerlan Vian

47 avenue des oiseaux / Tel 02 98 55 39 30 - Bus route 1 Kermoysan / bus stop Kerlan Vian

Enquiries and information: Tel. 02 98 52 00 15 / aquarive@quimper.bzh

Practical rules

Bathing briefs only. Shorts, boxers and bermudas are not permitted. Swimming caps are compulsory.

Children under 10 years old must be accompanied by an adult. Pool equipment (boards, floats.....) can be borrowed from the swimming instructors.

For all other information do not hesitate to enquire at the reception of either pool during opening hours.