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Quimper has three multi-screen cinemas. One of these, the Quai Dupleix, is classified as an art house cinema.

The Quai Dupleix, art house cinema

Since 1986 Quimper has had a municipal cinema classified as art house, with 3 further classifications attesting to its dedication to the programming and development of art house films.

  • The "Search and Discovery" label highlights the importance of programming innovative films.
  • The "Young Public" label celebrates the wealth of programming for children and young people
  • The "Heritage and Repertoire" label attests to regular screenings of older films.

The cinema is sponsored by the European programme, via Europa cinemas, the network of European art house cinemas to which it belongs. This programme aims to reward the diversity of the selection of non-national European films, screened in their original versions throughout the year.

It features an eclectic programme supporting original and creative cinema, which attracts more than 50,000 spectators annually, largely thanks to the work of the "Gros Plan" group who are responsible for the cinema's programming.

The Quai Duplex, at the heart of the Arcades complex in the centre of Quimper, has 2 screens, with 70 and 150 seats respectively (digital projection and 35mm; Dolby surround-sound and mono).

Le Quai Dupleix

38, boulevard Dupleix
29000 Quimper

The "Gros Plan" Group

Since 1982 the "Gros Plan" group has provided an active programme of artistic education at the cinema. This has enabled several generations to cultivate a love of film. The aim is as much to give a taste for the cinema as it is to maintain a cultural diversity through a wide choice of films, fostering openness to different forms of cultural practice.

The objectives of Gros Plan are:

  • to awaken the curiosity of all spectators by the discovery of cinematic works screened in their original versions
  • to acquaint people with aesthetic knowledge of the cinema and the history of cinema
  • to provide wider access to film culture for children and students
  • the integration of film culture at a national educational level, notably through teacher training.
  • to contribute to cultural development by forging links between young people, films and the cinema itself.

Principal objectives:

  • Management of the Quai Dupleix cinema.
  • Departmental coordination of schemes for 'cinema in primary school' and 'cinema in middle school'
  • Organisation of internships for the 'cinema in middle school' scheme, teacher training sessions for the Academic Training Programme.
  • Young audience programming: accompaniment to screenings, training of organisers.
  • Local coordination of film screenings
  • Screenings promoting "Search and Discovery", "Young Audience" and «Heritage and Repertoire" films, which lead to the Quai Duplex being awarded these three art house labels.


  • the City of Quimper
  • the Regional Department for Breton Cultural Affaires
  • the Departmental Council of Finistère
  • the Departmental Department for Social Cohesion

Association Gros Plan

38, rue des Réguaires - 29000 Quimper
Tel. 02 98 53 74 74 - Fax 02 98 53 57 79 - contact@gros-plan.fr
More information on Gros Plan website.