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Pierre-Jakez Helias university campus

This campus groups diverse elements of the UBO (faculty, IUP). The sharing of means and equipment provides the best work conditions, facilitating collaboration and synergy, and creating a real university lifestyle for its 1000 students.

The university, in collaboration with Mervent, offers students Breton studies within the framework of the optional model proposed by the UBO (University of Bretagne Occidentale).

Pierre-Jakez Helias university campus

Creac’h Gwen
18 avenue de la plage des Gueux
CS 12 024 - 29 018 Quimper Cedex
Tel. 02 90 94 48 00 - pole.quimper@univ-brest.fr

Law, business administration Law, business administration

Law, business administration

  • Law degrees
  • Law-administration degrees. Honours degrees in economic and social administration, general and territorial administration.
  • Business administration degrees. Honours degrees in business administration.

Literature and social sciences

  • Literature and language degrees, language honours degrees, literature and foreign civilisations; specifically English and Spanish. Application of modern languages; specifically English and Spanish.
  • Art degrees, literature and language. Honours degrees in modern literature.
  • Humanities and social science degrees, honours degrees in historical geography, administration, or history of art.
  • LEA (applied foreign languages) degree in English-Chinese, open to beginners and non beginners.

Art, tourism and heritage

  • Humanities and social science degrees. Honours degrees in archaeology and history of art, standard syllabus or heritage studies, preparatory to a Masters pro IUP in the heritage sector.
  • Dual degrees in law and art history
  • Professional degrees in humanities and social science. Honours degrees in hospitality and tourism, specialising in accommodation and environment.
  • Professional degrees in social science and humanities. Honours degree in hospitality and tourism, specialising in tourist product design and area valuation.

Professional Masters degrees in social science and humanities. Honours degrees in culture and society, specialising in professional architectural and artistic heritage management


  • ESIAB / École Supérieure d’Ingénieurs en Agroalimentaire de Bretagne atlantique, (Bretagne Atlantic College of Food Processing Engineers)
  • Masters degrees for professional innovation in the food industry.

Centre de Recherche Bretonne et Celtique (Breton and Celtic Research Centre) , summer school

  • Study of languages and cultural heritage. Up until now students and graduates with an interest in both languages and Celtic literature have had few occasions to study within a cultural Breton setting. It is now possible on the Pierre-Jakez Hélias university campus. The Breton and Celtic research centre offers 2 week courses in the summer, allowing participants to follow intensive language courses in both languages (Breton and French), while enjoying daily lectures on subjects relating to Breton heritage.