Skills in the conglomerate community

Mandatory Skills

Economic development

Regarding economic development: creation, development, management and maintenance of the industrial activity zones, commercial, tertiary, crafts, tourism, port and airport activities which are of community interest; economic developments to the community

Community spatial development

· Land development and sector plans.

· Creation and realization of urban development zones for community interests.

· .Organization of urban transport within the context of chapter II of title II of Law No. 82-1153 of 30 December 1982 for the orientation of inland transport, subject to the provisions of article 46 of this law.

Social balance of housing in the community

Regarding the social balance of housing: local housing programme; community interest housing policy; financial support and action in favour of community interest in social housing; land reserves for social housing projects; community based actions, in favour of the accommodation of disadvantaged people; improvement of community built housing.

The conglomerate community holds the urban right of first refusal of fixed perimeters, after careful deliberation of the municipalities concerned by the community council for the implementation of the community policy of social equilibrium in housing.

Urban policy in the community

Urban policy in the community: contractual arrangements of urban development, local development and economic and social integration; local facilities, community interest in crime prevention.

Optional skills


The conglomerate community collectively manages the sanitation for the eight municipalities of the area, five water treatment plants, 79 pump stations and almost 459 km of networks.

Asides from collective sanitation Quimper Bretagne Occidentale is also responsible for the public service of non-collective sanitation. Non collective sanitation refers to individual installations of domestic wastewater treatment. These facilities concern homes that are not linked to the public sanitation system and must therefore treat wastewater themselves prior to discharge into the environment.

Protection and enhancement of the environment and quality of life.

Regarding protection and enhancement of the environment and quality of life: air pollution control, noise control, elimination and recycling of household waste and treated waste are part of this jurisdiction under the conditions laid down by article L. 2224-13.

Construction, development, maintenance and management of community facilities

Construction, development, maintenance and management of community based cultural and sports facilities

Production and distribution of water

On January 1, 2012, responsibility for water in the communes of the conglomeration was transferred to Quimper Bretagne Occidentale. The pooling of resources and production facilities provides the means to distribute good quality water and support development in the sector.

Useful skills

Animation policies

Animation in rural areas: support for the Ulamir, especially its project management function..

Management of community outreach programmes for sport, using all available sporting facilities such as swimming pools.

Definition and promotion of the development scheme for hiking trails, related communication and logistical support

Higher education

Support for higher education, with the exception of municipal cultural schools.

Establishing land reserves

Establishing land reserves, by expropriation if necessary, when they are relevant to the implementation of one of the skills of the community and meet the criteria defined by the deliberation of the skill set concerned, in accordance with article L.300 - 1 of the code of urbanism where there is an impact on the territory of several communes.

Financial contribution to the construction of a relief centre by the Sdis (fire brigade) and mandatory contributions to the Sdis in the community area

Community planning permission statement and agreement with the municipalities in the area (article R.423 - 15 of the code of urbanism)


Within the scope of the communities skills, the design and inception of a youth policy (16-30 years old) through

· support for employment, training and access to employment, housing, habitat and mobility, initiative, commitment and the autonomy of young people through the coordination of participants, monitoring of schemes and project proposals,

· the implementationof a policy for youth information and access rights.

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