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Kerlic : a health centre for 2020

"By creating the necessary conditions for the consolidation of the two clinics Quimper Bretagne Occidentale continues to provide a variety of health options, adapting to the challenges of our time." Hervé Herry, vice-presidential delegate for finance and the economy.

Initiated in 2006, the development project of a thirty hectare health centre at Kerlic is entering the public inquiry phase. The construction, by the Mutualité Française, of a new polyclinic is scheduled to begin in 2017. At the same time Quimper Bretagne Occidentale will commercialise plots for the implementation of health related activities by tertiary businesses.

The Mutualité Française wishes to group its two clinics, Saint-Michel and Quimper sud, on the same site. Their objective is to offer patients a modern, accessible facility with the highest medical standards. They turned therefore, to the City of Quimper and Quimper Bretagne Occidentale in order to find the best land solution.

The Kerlic zone has many advantages. It is ideally located: opposite the Cuzon economic activities zone, on the boundary of Gourvily with its close access to the RN165 Expressway and the northwest bypass. In the future the centre will be easily accessible to all the people of Cornouaille.

The capacity announced by the new polyclinic is for 250 beds, with a staff of 600 people working on site. The project will be conducted by the architects of the Lorient AIA agency, who have already spearheaded the construction of a similar project in Plérin, near Saint-Brieuc.

Three areas in the zone

The zone’s 32 hectares will be split into 3 distinct areas:

  • The north area, with 11 hectares, will be the future site of the Mutualité Française health centre as well as a medical centre for specialist clinics. The aim is to group all the professionals that a patient might need together on the same site.
  • The area to the South will be an 11 hectare tertiary activity zone. It will accommodate medical and paramedical companies and complementary activities enabling optimal efficiency in the area. The marketing of these land parcels will be provided by Quimper Bretagne Occidentale, building permits will be issued by the City of Quimper.
  • The 10 hectare central biodiversity zone will not be urbanised. This nature area has wet lands and plays host to protected species, including amphibious voles, Quimper snails, bats and salamanders. The GR38 footpath passes though the zone and its route will be maintained. The city is considering the possibility of developing educational activities and an environmental approach to the area.

Provisional schedule of implementation

  • June 2016 Start of the public inquiry led by the prefecture, Quimper Bretagne Occidentale have requested a bylaw on the public utility declaration
  • 2nd quarter 2017 : Viability studies will be carried out by Quimper Bretagne Occidentale
  • 2nd half 2017 : Mutualité Française will begin construction on the centre
  • 2017 : Quimper Bretagne Occidentale will start selling the land parcels
  • Completion and opening of the centre : mid-2020

The cost...

Global cost of the zone’s development by Quimper Bretagne Occidentale: 8.5 million € (pre-tax)

Cost of the health centre declared by Mutualité Française: 55 million € (tax included)

Marketing, information

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