Mountain biking: the release of the new itinerary guide

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Mountain biking: the release of the new itinerary guide

Mountain biking: the release of the new itinerary guide 350 kilomètres d'itinéraires de randonnée sont proposés dans le nouveau topo-guide Randonnez à VTT.Photo : Laurent Laveder
the 05/04/2019 • update the 05/04/2019 | 17h09

The new edition of the itinerary guide "Randonnez à VTT" is an opportunity to discover the 350 kilometres of mountain biking spread over the territory of Quimper Western Brittany and the town of Fouesnant-Les Glénan.

The guidebook comes in the form of a very practical folder containing 17 cards for the 19 circuits, or 350 kilometres of marked mountain bike trails ranging from very easy (green) to very difficult (black).

Each sheet, folded in three parts, presents the circuit, the level of difficulty, the distance, the profile of the circuit with the differences in altitude and the estimated time. In the inner part, we find the route on a National Geographic Institute map in A4 format. Short texts with photos give more information on points of interest.

The secrets of the chapels and their history, the geology of the sites, the flora and fauna, are revealed.

On the menu:

  • five circuits departing from Quimper (Creac'h Gwen sports and leisure park),
  • four from Ergué-Gabéric (Croas Spern sports complex),
  • two departing from Landudal (from the overnight refuge),
  • one from Langolen,
  • two from Plogonnec (l'Arpège sociocultural hall),
  • two from Plomelin (Prat Goyen car park)
  • one from Pluguffan.

The guidebook also offers two circuits in the town of Fouesnant.

Circuit number 5, "The Quimper Hills", is the only trail identified as very difficult. Borrowing the "best" sections of the 1, 2, 3 and 4 circuits, it loops around Quimper and allows the discovery of the agglomeration and its history in a total of 39.2 very trying kilometres.

The 600 metres of elevation gain in this circuit means that it is reserved for experienced mountain bikers. Fortunately, many other of the circuits are accessible to the general public. For example, the number 1, "Keradennec", is a scenic, family hike south of Quimper to discover the Kerogan Bay, the Saint-Laurent Valley and the Braden district.

Whether hiking for the sport or enjoying a trek with all the family, there is something for every cyclist.

Where to get the guidebook?

At the mountain biking base VTT-FFBike "Vallée de l’Odet". Information and advice can be found here, and there is even a cleaning station for your bike. The guide is also available at the tourist office of Quimper Cornouaille and in some town halls of the agglomeration.

Price: 5 euros.

Mountain Biking Base VTT-FFBike "Vallée de l’Odet": 159 Boulevard Creac'h Gwen - Tel. +33 (0)2 98 52 00 81 - -